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Find the perfect match.

Retailers want exciting new products at a great rate to compete with big box stores. Manufacturers want a more profitable way to push their products direct to market. We provide access for both sides to get what they want.

Make your pitch.

Browse retailer or manufacturer profiles then"Pitch" your product or store to those that fit your needs. When you are both interested, contact information, product pricing and program details will be unlocked to each other.

We do the rest.

Eliminate the time and expense associated with sales contracts, shipping paperwork, and order tracking. When a deal is made on RetailPitch, all communication can be done within the system. Everything from the order confirmation to shipping can be confirmed in the system.


Buy direct and save big

Stop searching the web for products that everyone else has access to. With RetailPitch, you find the products that will work for you and your business, and create the direct channel that your business needs—

Search with no commitment With hundreds of brands creating programs designed for direct purchases, you will be able to view unlimited company programs without any commitment.

Buy like the big boys Take advantage of amazing group rates by pooling with other retailers, and get the same buying power as big box stores.

Be picky You choose which brands you want to work and deal with directly—without distributors and middlemen. The added profit will be yours to keep or pass on to your customers.

Simplify your life From our system you will be able to browse, buy and track all your products creating a much simpler way to shop, pay and ship all in one place.


Retain more control over sales

Find a new group of sales channels actively looking for new products with minimal investment of time and money. Take control and stop waiting for distributors to respond or salesman to get the job done.

Reach your target audience With all the various retailers in the system, you will be able to reach out to the retailers that will make the most sense for you and your business.

Keep the profits By creating programs that are specific to the retailers, youincrease your market share and profitability by working directly with the retailer and without middlemen.

Leave the paperwork to us We collect orders from retailers and send you the PO's directly. You will be able to send confirmations, shipping and tracking information directly to the retailer without ever leaving

Simplify the process will make prospecting, selling and fulfillment so easy, you and your customers will benefit from better customer service, communication and product information.